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International connection & Black Hairitage

After the Chris Rock Lawsuit, the international awareness grew for MNR. Although dissappointed that Chris Rock's "Good Hair" would ultimately "steal some of MNR's thunder and years of research, i can say without a doubt; 'Always stay focused on the positive in everything otherwise you could miss the opportunity for growth'. Truth is, it would take a high profile personality to bring mainstream awareness to Black hair. MNR started screening to sold out audiences internationally ... and led to the founding of International Black Hairitage in UK, 'State of the Natural Union' Panels and Nappywood in 2013. The image below was created by Nicky Oliver Salon in Manchester, UK. Screening event hosted by Onecircle Communications and Karen Gaby of Troubador Foundation at Nicky and his wife beautiful salon. BTW The next Nappywood LANX is August 6 &7 2016 in los Angeles; week of cultural events and features the Los Angeles NATURAL Hair & Lifestyle Expo. Thank you Chris

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