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My Nappy ROOTS: A Journey through Black Hairitage

Enjoy a few trailers and some of our favorites

Soundtrack from MNR

Composer Wendell Kimbell, Global Tribe Music

Marcia Hamilton -Stylist of the stars

Marcia Hamilton celebrity stylist talks about hair styles inspiration with Willow Smith

The Original Trailer of MNR

The first trailer of award winning documentary.

My Nappy ROOTS Soundtrack - First Time -Blessed-
00:00 / 00:00

MNR Trailer #2

Abbreviated list of Awards here. Watch opening spoken word by then 16 year old  filmmwker,  co creator Brighton Lynscot

Black History: lost stolen or strayed

Full Documentary, BFA 1960s

400 Years without a comb

Full Documentary, Dr Willie Morrow 1970s

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